ginbitch (ginbitch) wrote,

On the crash of the Elysium...Dr Who + punchdrunk=wild rapture

I am pretty much speechless with joy!

For those of you who don't know, the immersive theatre company punchdrunk are doing a show in Manchester called The Crash of the Elysium.  With Dr Who.  Under the approval of a certain Mr Stephen Moffatt. 

Now punchdrunk are an immersive company - they take over a giant space like a warehouse or, in one case, Clapham Town Hall, fill it with set and objects and you wander (or in this case, are led) through it as actors in the story.  The attention to detail is extraordinary - you open a draw and it will be full of notes and oddments that you might expect to find there. 

And this was Dr WHO!!!!

There was running and biohazard suits and weeping angels and more running and SCIENCE!  It was bloody scary in places.

It was also the purest legal high you could imagine.

And... I got to touch the TARDIS.

I was picked out of all the participants (17 of us), to put the TARDIS key into the lock of the TARDIS. 

The actual TARDIS. 


My pleasure circuits are all blown.

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